About the ReFuel Reservoir

★ EXTREMELY DURABLE ★ You can fill them with your choice of drink and use them as long as you want. Hydration System Water Storage Bladder, designed to fit most hydration packs, bladder backpacks, hydration bag sleeves, running backpacks and modular reservoir backpacks. One order contains two reusable and recyclable water bladders, with hose, bite valve and clip.
★ LARGE SELF SEALING PORT ★ Designed with a large self-sealing port, making them easy to fill and even add ice. Great for using to filter water and fits inline filters.
★ ECONOMICAL ★ When you decide your hydration system has had enough use, you can afford to replace it with a new one. Compact for convenient use, less plastic equals less waste. Reusable storage pouch with no packaging waste.
★ 100% RECYCLABLE ★ NO need to cut any parts off water storage bag- used reservoirs may be recycled into many types of new products.
★ MADE IN USA ★ All water bladders are made in USA with FDA, USDA and Kosher compliant resin. Reservoirs have a positive impact on the environment. The flexible reservoir requires less space for shipping and smaller shipments require less fuel. By using ReFuel reservoirs, you are helping to make the world a better place.